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The Future of Whaling Cities





In February 2019, in a cold day and with the streets of Paris, I held the interview with Bernard Toulier. Specialising in bathing culture for more than 30 years, with a long trajectory near the Department of Patrimônio and Protected Spaces of the French Ministry of Culture, Toulier is also the author of the books Architecture de villes d’eau (2002) and Villégiature des bords de mer: Architecture et urbanisme (2010), in addition to organising the ‘Tous à la Plage’ exhibition in 2016 at the Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine in Paris.Since the emergence of bathing stations in England of the 18th century until the establishment of typologies to the beach in the nineteenth century and the popularisation of sea-bathing in the 20th century, sea basins have undergone urban changes as a result of globalisation. Among the main consequences of these changes over these centuries are global warming and its impacts on the oceans. In this interview we seek to share the unique aspects of the history of maritime whales and the importance of their patrimony for humanity. In addition, we invite and challenge bathers, tourists, researchers, political authorities, managers and all who appreciate the seas to think about urban planning and the future of bathing cities.

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