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The richness of French and linguistic geography



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Following the Dictionary of French Regionalisms (2001), a team of specialists in the geographical variation of French continues to explore linguistic heritage and provides us here with a dozen very varied studies. Analyses of texts from the 19th century, including several new ones, are of interest to Savoie (Pierre Enckell), Alsace and Languedoc (Pierre Rézeau) and Auvergne (Jean-Pierre-Chambon). For the 20th century, various oral and written aspects were highlighted for Lorraine or the region of Lille (P. Rézeau), Isère (Jean-Paul Chauveau) or Haute-Saône (J.-P. Chambon). In addition, several contributions profoundly repeat the etymological and historical approach of the general lexicography concerning French borrowing from occitan (J.-P. Chambon, Hélène Carles, Emmanuel Grélois) and Franco-Provençal (Xavier GOpen). At the end of the work, rich additions were proposed to the Dictionary of Regionalisms in France, which would be of interest both to the history of regionalisms and to their current use. Such research has a twofold advantage: at the same time as they provide new data and insights on the diversity of French, they also provide models of description in an area of rapid renewal.

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