Les manuscrits enluminés des prélats du Midi de la France au cours du XIVe siècle
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Grammar, Comparative and general--Context
Grammar, Comparative and general--Context


In the XIVth century, the Avignon popes, who were French, originating from the south of France, favoured members of their families, by filling the Curia and handing over important episcopal sees to their nephews or cousins. The ecclesiastical rise of these southern French families was particularly evident during the pontificate of Clement VI (1342-1352), who facilitated the careers of the Limousin members of his family. In this context, it seemed to be of interest to create an inventory of the manuscripts, notably the illustrated manuscripts owned by southern French prelates in the course of this century. Begun in 2007, this inventory is made up today of 40 ecclesiastial lists covering some 80 manuscripts. Classified by names of those who commissioned them, it is above all a work tool. It allows one to refer to diverse retrieved manuscripts, creating links between people and openings which deserve to be followed up and studied in greater depth.

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