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Female (s) and psychology in Portugal


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While of the long history in common between Brazil and Portugal, there are also many differences and, above all, a great lack of knowledge. The proposal for this article is to provide a contextualisation of the way in which gênery issues have been dealt with in Portugal and, on this basis, to stimulate closer links of cooperation between the two countries. We begin with a resumption of the recent history of the country and of the reforms introduced after the end of the fascist regime (1974), especially the emergence of psychology as a scientific and professional field marked by the positive paradigm and, for a long time, unrelated to the transformations and questions present in other contexts. Similarly, the progress of the feminist movement and its integration into the academic context of psychology has been marked by advances and obstacles, which are set out below. Finally, we deal with public policies for equal opportunities for women in Portugal. Keywords: Psychology; gênery; feminism; Portugal.

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