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Language and socialization : intercultural activities impact in multilingual educational settings



ID: <10670/1.kbmc2k>


This ethnography follows in the wake of research in social sciences dealing with language and socialisation issues. It seeks to know the impact of intercultural activities on both the language of instruction and the sense of otherness. This study was conducted among 5-year-old children, attending a kindergarten located in a priority education zone of southern France. The data have been collected throughout a whole school year in two different classes: an exploratory class and a control class. Three types of methods were used for data collecting and analysis. Language practices were analysed through interviews and observations. The times of exchange we had with every child involved in the research were transcribed on the software of automatic language analysis CLAN, to get a structural analysis of the language. The times of free play were video recorded and then processed using the software of social networks analysis SocNetV, to get an analysis of social positioning. The results thus obtained have highlighted how taking children’s identity into account can help language development and how in particular it amplifies the dynamic of knowledge dissemination among peers.

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