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A questionnaire on attitudes towards validated policy in the inhabitants of the city of Arequipa, Peru



ID: <10670/1.kfh8om>


In this article we describe the process of construction and validation of the Attitude toward Politics Questionnaire which contains 12 items, written by Arias and Timaná. We tested a simple of 875 people (47.54% male and 52.46% female) with an average age of 38 years, into the range of 18 to 92 years old. All of them came from 11 districts at Arequipa City, in Peru. In the statistical process, one item was eliminated, so the questionnaire is composed by 11 items with item-test correlations higher than 0.427. The test has a bifactorial structure: Governability and Politic participation, which explain the 41.714% of the variance as total. The test counts with adequate reliability values for each factor (α= 0.745 and α= 0.730, respectively). We present the percentile values for its application in investigation, into de field of politic psychology and related sciences.

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