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Monitor and prevent. The new panopic company





`titrebDiscipline and Prevent. The New Panoptic Society`/titrebThe panoptic society was largely anticipated by philosopher Jeremy Bentham. His famous ideal model for prisons was but the condensed form of a more general conception of society obeying to the principle of panopticism, in which everyone monitors everyone and is monitored by everyone. This securitisation dimension of social life is an application of the economic principle of government found in Bentham’s utilitarianism. Recent developments in video-surveillance in a number of countries seem to be progressively realising Bentham’s views. Yet if this type of surveillance that is spreading today aims to dissuade criminal acts and normalise conducts, it especially aims to prevent deviance in ovo. And so techniques of traceability, associated to concepts of dangerousness, open onto a new age of panopticism.

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