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Preventative prision from the optic critics of criminology



ID: <10670/1.kx8mhv>


This article addresses, based on critical criminology, the standardization of preventive detention in our environment as an error that is essentially influenced by two elements: the so-called “media criminology”, which encompasses the media and its effects on public opinion; and, on the other hand, the participants in primary and secondary criminalization subjected to pressure by this manipulated and distorted public opinion. Likewise, the exceptionality of this measure is questioned, and the material presuppositions of preventive detention and its impact on the accused when he suffers from this measure in the dimensions of health, presumption of innocence and free development are analyzed, which, with help from statistical data, allows us to conclude that in our environment it is used to appease feelings of collective revenge, the imposition of this attends to the demands of justice of the society receiving the unreal construct made by the media and is also due to the fact that the budgets that the norm indicates can be assembled even in very simple processes, we conclude that a series of modifications is needed in the material budgets, as well as the issuance of information by the media on how to present responsible and objective information, in order to to allow citizens to conceive an adequate opinion of reality.

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