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Slightly closer to the Ecuadorian-Peruana border: Letters to the excmo sr. Honorato Vázquez concerning the legal opinion delivered on this matter by several distinguished Spanish jurisconsults.





after the presentation of the Ecuador Exhibition in its request for limits with Peru, currently subject to arbitration by H.M.D. Alfonso XIII, I have seen the legal opinion of the distinguished Spanish lawyers Montero Ríos, Azcárate, Labra, Salmerón and Alonso, Dato and Conde and Luque, who have reported in favour of Peru. I have obtained last minute the fourth tome of the Memory of the Peruvian Ministers in defence of their cause, which forms the epílogo of Peru, and also the opinions of Mr Bourgeois and Mr Renault, Mr Martens and Mr Flore, who support Peruvian’s defence.

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