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The revision of an orientalist to a reoriented image : Arab women in The Algerian Quartet by Assia Djebar





This thesis focuses on the work of Assis Djebar, one of the greatest representatives of Francophone Maghreb literature. It draws on numerous works on this literature already published by modifying their approach and adding a personal perspective to show how this postcolonial writer renews the representation of Arab women.The first part of this study shows how the popular stereotypes invented by Orientalists reduced women to fantasmatic and aesthetic objects but the contribution of certain theories (postcolonial and feminist) have allowed the deconstruction of this Orientalism and its underlying ideology. The second part shows how Assia Djebar’s writing fits into the postcolonial feminist perspective. The author attributes many Algerian women characters with sensibilities, expressive modes, social and historical roles that make them fully-rounded and complex people. The third part focuses on the self-portrait of the author as a woman of Arab-Berber origin who recognises herself as a cultural and identity hybrid, reflected in the generic, poetic and linguistic innovations of her work.

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