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Software Asset Management and Cloud Computing





Bout Cloud, only few works deals with dynamic and real usage analyse of deployed software in order to determine the true related costs, and licensing compliance with acquired rights from the software editors.However, the emergence of Software Asset Management (SAM) shows the growing concerns of the industry and carriers facing the licensing model complexity especially in virtualized environments where the software usage is disrupted.Editor’s answer consists in proposing to stop following this consumption via very expensive illimited-usage contracts. It makes impossible implementation of true cost management policies. For final users like for cloud service providers, it is crucial to manage and optimize license deployment in cloud environments.The aim is first to control Software need, as close as possible to real time, then to generate optimization scenario based on consumption evolution by cost modelization.It represents a valuable saving leverage and may let spring up new licensing model, more profitable for each software lifecycle’s stakeholders.Usage context covers all scope of Cloud (application, infrastructure and network). Our works propose to rebuild the Software life-cycle, from procurement to deinstallation, encompassing the constraints of it nature and usages. We propose to solve software identification issue by creation and monitoring of tags.Additionally, we propose an innovative modeling based on a graph database which allows instant integration of configuration changes, to take into account the different level of responsibility induced by the different level of granted services. It offers enough flexibility to handle classical licensing models as use-based model which are often more attractive for cloud-users.Two use-cases will be developed to evaluate our models ‘efficiency : the software licensing management in PaaS (Plateform as a Service) context and in NFV environments (Network Function Virtualization).

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