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Human rights and refuge: fundamental right to health from the perspective of Brazil’s single health system


Refugees leave their country of origin due to different circumstances and go to other territories in search of safety, protection, health and even survival. The health of refugees may be weakened due to the traumas faced in the country of origin, as well as due to the entire process of refuge and arrival in the country of destination, being extremely important that the country can welcome these people from proper manner. The study aims to investigate the form of refugee access to health and its fundamental right from the perspective of the Unified Health System (SUS). The study presented has as methodology the bibliographic research of scientific publications available and is presented in a qualitative way because it is a theoretical research. Currently, in Brazil, the number of refugees has been growing, and the country has a public health system, whose centrality is in the universality, comprehensiveness and equity of care. Thus, the importance of having a health system that assists these people in an equitable manner, respecting human rights and dignity, is highlighted. The results obtained indicate that SUS still has a long way to go to serve everyone on equal terms, to promote improvements in health and a reduction in health problems. It is hoped with this study, to bring questions that can broaden the population's view regarding the proposed theme, in order to seek improvement measures for the care of refugees by SUS in Brazil.

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