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Regional stress response for doctoral students



ID: <10670/1.lbpe36>


The support of the doctoral thesis project is a situation that generates stress with multiple physical and behavioral manifestations. This article analyzed the autonomic stress response in doctoral students in the defense of their doctoral thesis project. The study included a sample of 16 doctoral students, who were analyzed for heart rate variability at baseline and in defending their project to assess their autonomic stress response. It was evidenced that the students presented an increase in the sympathetic autonomic modulation in the defense exposure of their doctoral thesis project, due to the decrease in the PNN50 values = 15.2 ± 13.7, SD1 = 34.0 ± 22.2 and SD2 = 77.1 ± 42.8 during the defense of his thesis project. We can conclude that the increase in sympathetic modulation of PhD students shows a low adaptive capacity in the defense of their doctoral thesis project, highlighting the need to design regulation and training programs for the control and management of stress in students. This can improve academic results in higher education contexts.

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