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Paul, the universal and the symbolic issue





Once we have assumed that the Christianity of Paul is rather the emergence of a meta historical speech than the emergence of the category of history, our aim is to demonstrate that the « Christian division » has not abolished the questions raised by the Jewish universal and especially in the very core of Western thought, mainly in the field of the speech of modernity, and more precisely in the emergence of the concept of symbolic activity, within the structuralist revolution. For Modern thinkers (Levi-Strauss, Lacan, Althusser, Barthes...) the only universal is the « symbolic ». And modern enterprise can even be defined as what raises the equation between the universal and the symbolic, as an instrument of war against the mimetic universal which appears as the feature of a mystified universal. Among so many possible examples, we prefer Lacan’s approach of the symbolic function of circumcision, better than Paul’s and Freud’s...

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