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A computer-based tutorial on Models of Speech Perception

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International audience Learning material on speech perception has appeared in a recent survey to be less documented than other topic in phonetics. This tutorial was built in order to fill, at least in part, this lack. We aim to provide a comprehensive overview of some models of speech perception process to both basic and advanced students. The topics covered in the tutorial include a broad description of the mechanisms involved in the speech perception process; difficulties that listeners have to overcome and that models have to account for; a comparative description of 5 of the most famous models: Fant's auditory model, Motor Theory, Analysis by Synthesis, Quantal Nature of Speech, Hyper-and hypo-speech models. The description and comparison of the models are based on their main assumptions, historical background, and supporting experiments and results. This computer based tutorial rely on an interactive learning strategy based on multimedia presentations, hypertext, pop-ups, and animated diagrams. This work is freely available on World Wide Web, at the Elsnet site (www.elsnet.org).

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