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The publications in the work of Guillaume de Saint-Thierry


The Ecripts in the work of Guillaume de Saint-ThierryGrait to the data on the works of Guillaume de Saint-Thierry gathered by dansBiblIndex (online index of scriptural quotations and allusions in the Fathers of the Church) — they will be available online in 2020 — a quantitative survey of its usagesbibliques, informed where appropriate by qualitative remarks, was carried out. While Guillaume’s speech on Ecripts, as well as his practice of defloratio, places it in line with monastic exegesis, impregnated with psalmic culture, notrewriter also emphasises the educational function of biblique text in moraland spiritual life, and its advocacy role in theological thinking. This approach is based on a very monastic biblical profile, but atypical because of the preponderance that Romans attach to the horsery. At the macroscopic scale, there is a large constanceof a limited biblic substrate, influenced by loyalty to patristic sources; developments can rather be seen in the details of co-occurrences, envisaged here by ex 33, 20.

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