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The leisure activities of people with a migrant background, mirror integration


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‘titrebSummary’/titrebSubject of all concerns in the field of political, religious or family and marital morality, the impact of ‘origins’ on the attitudes observed in the field of cultural practices, sport and leisure is relatively understudied in France. On the other hand, analysis of the data from the 2003 ‘Life history’ survey shows three salient results. In the first place, while it is common to compare the universe of savoury and mass culture, the practices observed in both fields appear to be rather unsensitive at the outset. Secondly, the relative neutrality of these practices seems unequally pronounced in men, for whom the assimilative virtues of mass culture are clearer, and in women, for whom ‘savoury’ practices — in particular reading — are much more popular than for men than for their French ‘strain’ counterparts. Thirdly and more broadly, domestic leisure activities are overinvested by women in certain categories of immigrant or migrant population, whereas it is activities that are rather outward-oriented, in particular sporting activities that are overinvested in men.

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