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Sex/gender, class, breed: decolonising feminism in a globalised world: Reflections from the struggle of Indian women in Chiapas


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Based on the study of the Indian Women’s Movement in Chiapas (Mexico), this article addresses the issue of new anti-racist feminist resistance to the destructive effects of globalisation. In the face of the exacerbation of racist and neocolonial dominance, and of patriarchal violence in this context, new movements and narratives of women and feminists are emerging, “articulating” issues of race, gender and class. The fight against Indian women is part of a post-colonial feminist approach, as it builds concrete alternatives to globalisation on the basis of dual affiliation: they fight as a self-determination people and as women demanding the eradication of sexist aspects of their culture. This movement, as well as other anti-racist feminist tendencies and decolonisation, explores the possibilities of a non-hegemonic and internationally solidarity-based feminism capable of confronting globalisation as a front of both allied struggles and rooted in their respective histories.

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