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‘The Pyrenees: Olympic Laboratory’. Research on an innovative sports and tourism project of the 1990s

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National audience This contribution shows the origin, intentions (sporting, cultural, territorial) and principles of this programme, and then briefly summarises the arrangements for organising the Pyrenees adventure Games in 1993. Following various studies in the geography or sociology of sport (BESSY, 1994, 2002, 2012; Augustin, 2009; Gumuchian, 1993; Barget -Gouguet, 2010; Maennig -Zimbalist, 2012; Chappelet, 2004; Obin -Corneloup, 2010; BESSY -Suchet, 2015; Burgan -Mules, 1992; Fayos-Sola, 1997; Clivaz -Marcelpoil, 2009; Guibert, 2004), followed by literature on festivals and the organisation of cultural gatherings which provides an interesting view on the subject (Gravari-Barbas, VesChambre, 2005; Crozat -Fournier, 2005; Di Méo, 2001), to explain how a temporary event can try to anchor itself in time and space to produce the territory, and above all to study the mechanisms of territorial innovation and territorial innovation in the field of sport and tourism in Pyrenees.

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