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For an archaeology of virginity





The idea of virginity awakens in us contradictory feelings. At the same time as respect, a sacrilegious desire to discover, to conquer, to seize, appeals to us, when « virgin » comes to describe the nature of an unexplored ground, a planet or an old-fashioned world. We will undertake an analysis of the current views of virginity, hoping that it will help clarify the reasons for its dominance in culture. Our questioning will be concerned with the forming of the unconscious. We will be researching universals and using psychoanalytical theory as well as clinical contributions from the literature on the subject.Vignettes will also be included to support a research project about the preoccupation with virginity and the virgin as an object of desire. We will resort to the very broad fields of human sciences (mythology, philosophy, history, sociology, anthropology) and history. These disciplines will be questioned as sources because they act as a counterpoint to clinical practice, but also because they provide distance and hindsight to raise unsettled answers and confront psychoanalytical concepts with other references. We shall examine religious texts and exegetic relevant to our purpose. Priority will be granted to the religions of the Book. The artistic productions as well as the discourses on the works and the creative processes can also fuel our reflection. Our investigation will be also fed by texts which belong to French literature.

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