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Les vidéos politiques au prisme de la `ibtrivialité`/ib





Thierry Devars aims to review his doctoral work on the contemporary transformations of political communication in the light of Yves Jeanneret’s works on the concept of triviality. More specifically, he attempts to describe some aspects of the process of fame associated with the “trivial life” of online political videos, with particular focus given to Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential mandate between 2007 and 2012. At odds with a viralist interpretation of mediatised communication and new types of audiences, the concept of “triviality” makes it possible to characterize the circulation of these ordinary objects of political life as a complex and multidimensional process. The fame of certain political videos, some of which have left a lasting impression in collective memory, should thus be located at the intersection of material, social and symbolic issues.

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