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QUEER: Records of the difference? 2. Representations: artists and creations



ID: <10670/1.pi8l1w>


Representations: artists and creations are the second strand: Records of the difference, which explores the questioning of standardised identities and the construction of ‘dissenting’ identities, or even the rejection of any fixed identity. This volume starts from a reflection on the relationship between reality and fiction and on the limits which registration in a specific historical society imposes a priori on dissent and explores the fertility of the problems and the importance of their stakes — from calling into question the social hierarchy to taking more specialised AIDS into account in reflections on literature and the visual arts (cinema and literature). The immediate problematical perspective is the relationship between the work and the artist and the place of the artist in his work. The articles gathered in Representations: artists and creations study not only the representation of lesbian, gay or bissexual identities and the contestation of any identity in and through the work, but also the actual representation of the artist and his construction of an identity, in and through his statements, work or even life.

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