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Analysing the conditions of mobility at the periphery of Lima and Bogotá — Scientific Challenge and Methodological Proposal


International audience The communication presents part of the work carried out in the framework of the MODURAL programme "Sustainable mobility practices in Latin American metropolises: a comparative study of Bogota and Lima", launched in January 2020. MODURAL is an international and multidisciplinary programme financed by the ANR (French National Research Agency). It focuses on sustainable mobility practices and the specific situation of popular outskirts. The conference has three objectives. First, to highlight through some examples the socio-spatial patterns of mobility inequalities and the struggles in the peripheries in Lima and Bogotá. Second, to present the methodology for selecting the areas with the greatest social disadvantage and the greatest difficulties in daily mobility, where the MODURAL programme surveys will be carried out in the future. Third, to cover the first findings on the impact of Covid-19 on mobility practices in the periphery, and short-term research strategies.

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