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Interethnic relations between Hungarian and Romanian students from "Babes-Bolyai" University





The objective of this thesis is to analyze the interethnic relational process between the students from a so called multicultural Romanian university. This academic environment brings together Hungarians and Romanians. Both ethnic groups live in a common space-time- the Babes-Bolyai University of Transylvania- but are building different ethnic, regional or national identities. Transylvania’s time-history and time-memory participates in the construction of two opposing ethnic and national identities: one Hungarian and one Romanian. On the contrary, autobiographical memory adds in this respect a common regional identity for both ethnic groups. Space - factor and tool in the identity construction- is analized as ethnicized-space and also as student-space, common for both groups. Yet, in both cases, the appropriation of space may deepen ethnic boundaries. Language, another factor in the identity construction, is a direct manifestation of national, ethnic or even regional identity. It plays an essential role in the process of Self-identification and the identification of the Other, functioning as connecting or separation element. In some cases, language may represent an instrument or a cause of “symbolic” conflicts in the university. In this context, the implementation of multicultural policy is most evident at an institutional level and the dialogical characteristic claimed by critical multiculturalism is seen in special cases. The analysis elaborated in this sense is based on an anthropological field (2007-2012) concerning interethnic relations and the student way of living.

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