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The depiction of the desert and its challenges in contemporary French-speaking literature: reading of: ‘The sand marches’ of Andrée Chédid, ‘Marie d’Egypt’ by Jacques Lacarrière and ‘Macaire Le Copte’ by François Weyergans The representation of the desert and its stakes in contaty Frenche-speaking literature: the Reading of: ‘Sand marches’ by Andrée Chédid, ‘Marie d’Egypt’ by Jacques Lacarrière and ‘Macaire Le Copte’ by François Weyergans



ID: <10670/1.qhdmp9>


This thesis is a thought about the vitality of desert thematic in literature field. In this case, this thematic is inseparable from that of primitive monasticism as the corpus in question; I mean Les Marches de sable, Marie d’Egypte and Macaire Le Copte is presented as hagiographic. Therefore, the link between desert and monasticism in these three novels has led us to identify contemporary writers’ need of keeping bringing up such thematic. The desert has appeared as the place of spiritual experience in all its ambivalence, I mean devil temptation space, but also ascetic elevation space. To the writers, it is also a way to bring a lucid eye to the current society which is being reified because one cannot say only that it is already reified. In conclusion, to these three writers, not only the desert is a way to evidence their conception of literary space which really appears as a paradoxical space as it can at the same time be a sharing and a seclusion space, but also a writer’s workplace. It appears that the writer is image of hermit, that is, he is a sort of absolute seeker

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