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Identity assignment and paths of emancipation : study of the agency of French Muslim women



ID: <10670/1.r2pnel>


Through the study of three different spaces of political, professional and religious mobilisations, my PhD thesis analyses the agency of French Muslim women. From a Sayadian perspective, it describes their labelling as a radical “other” that those women of North African descent experience, despite their birth and socialisation in France. It sheds a particular light on their working-class social condition, which influence their ways of being in the world, and which reinforce the weight of social depreciation. Through their various engagements, those women claim the rights to equality and social justice. The promotion of the stigmatised identity as well as the veiling have to be understood following a dynamic of reversing the stigma in its most symbolic form : this illustrates their affirmation to legitimacy of existing nationally as they are. From a honnethienne perspective, the thesis analyses the struggles for recognition of those women. It shows the conditions and the effects of those engagements on their biographical trajectories. The organisation of political, professional or religious mobilisations within a collective framework allows them to get empowered. It transforms the women’s subjectivities, it leads to a questioning of political and religious norms and it allows them to challenge power relations. This thesis analyses how those transformations thanks to collective engagement form the basis of emancipation.

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