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“Media literacy in education ministers’ speeches (2005-2017)”


`!-- Début du contenu @xml:lang="en" --b‪Media education is a recent item in the public sphere: there is hardly any trace of it before the 1950s. The syntagm appears in the speeches of the French Ministers of National Education, sign of its institutional maturity, but only since the 2010s. The analysis of a speech corpus for the period 2005-2017 shows easily that the theme is immediately mobilized by political issues, in particular because of terrorist events. A more detailed analysis of ministerial speeches shows also two main approaches: one is protectionist (the media are seen as disruptive of school life), the other is pragmatic (the media are proposed as an analytical material of contemporary life). The advent of the mass-market Internet has not really changed the situation. On the contrary, reinforced by problems around rumors and conspiracy theories, the discourse on information and media literacy seems to have been reinforced by its protectionist approach.‪`!-- Fin du contenu @xml:lang="en" --b

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