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Design Thinking, a key innovation approach for start-ups?

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design Thinking is an emerging approach that seems to be a promise of innovation for businesses. This concept, which is part of a shift in economic value towards user experience, is mainly inspired by the methods of the design profession. It is thus human-centred, promotes grassroots understanding and prototyping with a view to continuous improvement. This allows the design of memorable and consumer-friendly experiences. This concept, applied to the world of management, has made it possible to reinvent the place of designer and creativity in business. It has also led to renewed marketing through the birth of local marketing. However, its establishment requires an agile culture that is conducive to error, which is still underdeveloped. We are exploring a concrete case of applying design thinking to the field of culinary design, in order to propose a new narrative of African gastronomy through the Recooking project.

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