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Introduction: (In) Land security in Africa. Global debate and local issues

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In 2008, the NGO Grain launched a wake-up call for acceleration and expansion in the countries of the South, and in particular in Africa, of ‘land grabbing’ by foreign buyers (Grain, 2008). In the wake of this report, several NGOs had queried the limited financial compensation required in return for leasehold leases, the tax advantages offered to foreign purchasers, and the risks of disrupting food farming (Perrine Burnod article in this case). Highlighted by the 2008 food crisis, the scale and scope of foreign land investments, presented in the media as a wave of funds, have since been put into perspective. The negotiating capacity of local governments has been reassessed and it is now discussed whether these land deals represent a source of indirect foreign investment for host countries, which, in a context of a substantial reduction in development aid, see them as a source of indirect foreign investment (Burnod et al., 2010; Cotula et al., 2009) (...).

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