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Advertising printed with women’s sensual images in the city of sucre, a gender analysis



ID: <10670/1.skvhnw>


Research aims to establish the perceptions of male and female audiences in the city of Sucre, in view of the regular and growing display of the media used by companies to broadcast bare and semi-naked (sensual) images, as the research team’s opinion after directly observing this type of advertising was identified, which is being highlighted, more specifically the aesthetic aspect embodied in the female figure, leaving aside in many cases advertising ethics. The reactions, opinions, perceptions and beliefs of men and women form the basis for the analysis of research, since the media and media used by printed advertising, in its dissemination and exposure, surpass the emission-related, social, economic and cultural barriers. It is therefore a Reviews on Research and Business that is relevant to research to measure objectively the effect of exposure to this type of advertising on the behaviour of male and female consumers, which is the role of women, in relation to what is perceived by the target population. Often in our geographical context, images of beautiful women appear in advertisements, most of whom do not relate to the product to be sold. In accordance with the approach taken in this investigation, the aim is to establish whether the exploitation of women’s sensuality used in advertising spots, in addition to achieving the marketing objectives of a particular brand, unintentionally promotes secondary reactions other than their aims, arising from fantasy and wishes, since advertising now introduces us and exposes us to an image of a woman assessed below and with a single task of ‘seducing’. In many cases, the advertising language of printed media used by companies in the city of Sucre is influenced by a high sexual component which appears as a plus by the purchase of a product. The use of the image of women as an element of persuasion to direct public interest towards a particular product in order to promote its consumption, generally by using attractive models, highlighting the stereotype of female sex.

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