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Black femicide in Brazil: the importance of the decolonial perspective in the production of an emancipatory right



ID: <10670/1.ssdmu9>


The present investigation uses decolonial studies on gender coloniality in Law in order to question the judicialization of feminicide in Brazil and its position in the face of the murder of black women as a hypothesis of a gender necropolitics. The main objective is to verify if there is a mismatch in dealing with the murder of black and white women, proposing to evaluate the modern legal discourse, essentially male and white, in favor of a transformative solution for the Brazilian Law that in fact contemplates black woman’s life. In methodological terms, this research, with an investigative and logical-deductive approach, initially explores a theoretical review of the concept of feminicide in a decolonial epistemology, and secondly, with this vector, highlights a possible distinction of the feminicide cases judicialization to evaluate the existence of a gender necropolitics.

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