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La mimésis vocale : un phénomène dialogique ?



ID: <10670/1.svjdaa>


This paper tackles the question of the markers of dialogism at the lowest level of speech, i.e., that of phonetics. Several cases of vocal mimesis found in the scientific literature are interpreted here in the light of Bakhtin’s ‘internal dialogical process’. Satirical vocal mimicry, phonetic convergence in interaction, variations of speech as functions of geographic/ social background or for the expression of one’s identity and/or hierarchical position account for many intentional vocal modifications and testify the presence of the Other (s) in one’s own voice. Thus, vocal hybridisation is a matter for dialogism which is not restricted to reported speech but can be considered as constituent of any oral production, the latter being constructed by and with the Other (s). The reusing of some specific vocal markers for the expression of one’s identity can be regarded as “vocal loans” (i.e. interdiscursive dialogism) which share echo sounds like the quoted individual and/or social figure (i. e. interlocutive dialogism).

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