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Assessement of the building energy requirements : added value of the use of the urban climate modeling

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ID: <10670/1.t50b4r>


Buildings represent 40 percents of the end-use energy. Thus, they constitute a key point of the energy saving policies. Recently, climate modeling systems that include a mesoscale atmospheric model, sophisticated urban parameterizations have been developed to account for the complexity of the urban climate and its interactions with the building energy loads. This study aims to assess the capability of such climate modeling systems to provide climate and energy guidelines to urban planners.For this, we used the research collaborative WRF/ARW-BEP+BEM climate modeling system and performed sensitivity tests considering the territory of the Eurodistrict in 2010, and then in 2030. The results reveal that the climate modeling system achieves estimating the building energy needs over the study area, but also indicate that the building energy needs are more sensitive to the building intrinsic properties and occupant behavior than to the urban forms and their induced urban heat island.

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