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La circulación de saberes y el problema de la autoría en la prensa virreinal. Un análisis del Correo de Comercio, 1810-1811





The Spanish books and newspapers, which circulated in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 19th century were used by the editors of the Buenos Aires press as inputs for content management. The texts published in Spain were read to be transcribed or rewritten, without mentioning the source of origin, in the Buenos Aires late-colonial press. The lack of author mention in the texts led to the ambiguity of believing that the authorship belonged to who was considered the editor of the newspaper. The comparative analysis, carried out thanks to the digitalization of Spanish printed sources by the Digital Newspaper Archive of the National Library of Spain, allowed us to find the correspondence between the sources published in Spain and the Buenos Aires newspaper Correo de Comercio (1810-1811). Texts were found in the newspaper, which for more than a hundred years were attributed to Manuel Belgrano, which had been translated in Spain by French authors such as Veron Duverger de Forbonnais. In the analysis of authorship in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries in the Hispanic cultural field, it was possible to explain the appropriation of foreign texts, because they sought to favor the circulation of ideas for the promotion of the common good.

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