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The retrieval of a person’s own name: basic elements on semantic memory information and elements applied for the management of Elzheimer’s disease.


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being able to identify the person in front of himself and be able to find his or her name are essential activities for everyday social interaction. However, its own name appears to be specific information compared with other information available on a person. The retrieval of this information is often described as difficult. However, if the authors agree on the specific nature of the name, the examination of the organisation in memory of its own name and semantic information related to individuals will be the subject of this work. In addition, access to semantic information has been shown to be deficient in Alzheimer.A first experiment has made it possible to develop standardised material on 210 faces/names, allowing precise selection of stimuli. In order to study the question of “organisation in memory of semantic information, and more specifically, information on its own name, two behavioural studies and three electrophysiological studies were carried out. In the last two studies, we have worked on “learning and remembering the specific name information among a Alzheimer population”. The discussion of the various results is based on current theoretical knowledge on the subject.

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