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Can classical psychology, a discipline of human intimate knowledge, still concealed the contributions of related disciplines and currents such as psychological and psychanalytic anthropology, cultural and transcultural psychology and cultural comparative psychology, all of which have shown the importance of culture’s role in the structuring of psychism, to understand and address intercultural situations



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? Following decolonisations and, more recently, globalisation, which have accelerated migration, differences in ways of being and thinking are confronting each other, a source of enrichment of multicultural societies under construction, but also of inter-group and inter-personal conflicts, crises and intramental suffering. These intercultural issues cannot be thought of and addressed without questioning the traditional models and tools of psychology and psychanalysis. ‘/brb based on an epistemological positioning combining psychism and culture, universal and specific, the researchers and practitioners gathered in this book look at approaches, concepts, methodological approaches, techniques and care tools from a psychodynamic and psychanalytic perspective. Their thinking is intended to be taught in order to help both the student and the professional to better identify this new disciplinary field of intercultural psychology in order to act effectively.

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