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Report on the morphosedimentary monitoring of the dunary cord of the beach of Vougot for the year 2011




This study is part of one of the Natura 2000 objectives defined by the municipality of Guissény: conservation and maintenance of dunary environments (Objective A3), which is reflected in Action Fiche No 6 ‘Rehabilitating degraded dunar areas’. In this respect, two actions have been decided: (I) restoration, promotion and maintenance of dunar environments financed through Natura 2000 contracts (state and European funding); (II) scientific monitoring of these operations (to assess the relevance of the measures) financed by the Brittany Regional Council between 2004 and 2008 under a Nature Contract. For 2009, this monitoring was financed by the municipality of Guissény. As such, morphosedimentary monitoring of the dunar cord of the beach of Vougot was launched in July 2004; this work was also accompanied by two studies which were also carried out by the GEOMER laboratory — UMR LETG 6554 CNRS (University of West Brittany); one on the kinematic cord of the Vougot beach for 50 years, and the second on the assessment of the risk of submersion (Suanez, 2004; Suanez and Sparfel, 2005; Suanez et al., 2006; Cariolet and Suanez, 2007; Sparfel and Suanez, 2007; Suanez et al., 2007; Suanez and Cariolet, 2008; Cariolet and Suanez, 2009; Suanez et al., 2009; Suanez et al., 2010; Suanez and Cariolet, 2010; Suanez et al., 2012). The work carried out in 2011 is a continuation of this monitoring and involved (i) continuing the topo-morphological monitoring of the dunar cord on the basis of high frequency field measurements of the dunar cord/intertidal beach system; (II) a lifting of the dune front in order to continue the analysis of its kinematic content over the past year (2010-2011); (III) quantification of the sedimentary balance of the eastern Vougot beach since 2009.

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