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Ethics of pregnant care: between traditional logic and new forms of organisation in a Chilean context


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Introduction Summary. In recent years, gestation has undergone adjustments and reshuffles of changes driven by new technologies and health developments. This has led to the transformation of care practices and the inclusion of new material. Objective. The purpose of this article is to describe some of the conditions in the pregnancy applied to women of certain ages, occupations and socio-economic conditions in the city of Santiago de Chile. Method. A multiple case study is used, from an ethnographic perspective. Applied to three pregnant women from diverse backgrounds. The fieldwork includes: participating observation, in-depth interviews and ethnographics for eight months from 2017 in Santiago de Chile. Results. The mother appears, in most cases, to be solely responsible for providing the well-being of the new life in progress. In other words, care is feminised since pregnancy. Medical viewing, technology, employment status and family relationships are accentuating and encouraging pregnancy. Conclusion. The care practices studied for the three pregnant women show that the process of gestation is affected by forces from the state, the market and the public, as long as it is constructed in a contradictory manner. Despite the fact that the pregnancy of these women was influenced by collective and civic logic, a patriarchal logic and a medico-traditional look at decisions at the time of childbirth prevail.

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