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The debate on the digitalisation and robotisation of (human) work of the future: replacement automation, technological pragmatism, automation of integration and heteromatisation


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A review of the ‘state of art’ of discussions on alleged massive technological unemployment in the future is carried out due to the diffusion of processes of digitisation and robotisation of Industry 4.0 technologies. Four alternative but complementary approaches are discussed on the new wave of automation: replacement automation, technological pragmatism, integration automation and heteromatisation. From a constructive technology perspective, some dominant arguments about the disappearance of employment from the future are critically questioned, pointing to their unlikelihood, showing the stratification of losers and winners of digitalisation and robotisation, together with the difficulties in training the former for their digital inclusion. The importance of making visible the hidden human work that underpins the automated processes of digitised production and the possibility of strengthening human factor skills and competences, its re-skilling through ergonomic automation is advocated.

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