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Educational trajectories and building identity of pupils in a disability situation : role of schooling experiment

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We would propose to contribute to knowledge building by directly investigate pupils concerns about their schooling experiment' sense and the development of self-representations in terms educational trajectories. Their characteristics and specificities would be highlighted. We met 111 intellectually disabled pupils, 51 girls and 60 boys, aged 7.5 to 16 years old (A (average) = 12.4 ; SD (standard deviation) = 2.08), schooled in ULIS based in primary school (N=44), ULIS based in secondary school (N=49) and in specialized environment (N=19), in the Midi-Pyrénées area. Five additional instruments, all suitable for pupils we met, have been used to collect our data : self-drawing and man drawing (Hurtig & Rohrer, 1979), a Q-Sort of self-representations (Pierrehumbert & Rankin, 1990), the questionnaire Les jeunes, l’école et leur avenir (Prêteur, Constant & Féchant, 2004), a drawing of real school and dreaming school Dessin de l’Ecole Réelle et de l’Ecole Imaginaire (Caglar, 1983) and an orally bilan de savoir (knowledge assessment) (Charlot, Bautier & Rochex, 1992).Our results show existence of plural educational trajectories which emphasize pupils in a disability situation’s schooling. Current context of schooling and methods of teaching are prominent dimensions of these trajectories. The sense of schooling experience, based on these trajectories, underlines higher values given to intellectual and schooling knowledge. The teacher is perceived as the principal mediating agent between pupils and knowledge. The lack of peer’s relations is also observed in their recreational activity. Studying links between the variables of our study disclose a moderated effect of sense given to their schooling experience, particularly in daily knowledge, relationships with teachers, link to peers and school content, in the relationship between educational trajectories and self-representation.

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