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Furigraphy to break the encirclation The furigraphy to break the encirclation: Hawad furigraphic inks



ID: <10670/1.urwg5f>


International audience There is a recurrent image that captures the experience of being dominated and marginalised many Touaregs have felt in the political, economic, social, and cultural realms as has been inflicted upon them by the modern nation-states system : that of a mutilated, injured body deprived of its freedom to move around. So the idea comes up to put together again, to rearticulate this social body in order to counter its fragmentation and paralysis and bring it back to its former mobility. It is in this perspective that over the past scores of years various initiatives have sprung up, ranging from armed resitance to imaginary discourses. In literature, it has been the of the Touareg painter and poet Hawad that appears to be one of the paths available to " go beyond the limits, to route around the confinement, to make the echos of the landscape rebound and to build fresh spaces of thoughts, feelings, and different ways to look at the world ".

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