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The Bruc Days and the construction of national political memories





This paper deals with the various accounts of the battles at El Bruc in June 1808, built up over the course of a century by the different political traditional in Catalonia. The article questions the existence of a single founding myth of the Spanish nation and looks more closely at the contradictions in the complex liberal/republican family, at the attempt by the Carlists to appropriate it, and at integrism. It goes on to discuss the supposed failure of government commemorative policy in Catalonia and the responsibility of the Lliga Regionalista in that failure. On the other hand, the centenary was a great popular success in the celebrations held in central Catalonia (Manresa, Igualada, El Bruc), where the Lliga and the Carlists were clearly the protagonists. By that time various different views of the past had taken shape and the memory of the French War was no longer necessarily synonymous with a single national identity.

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