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Ravage and carnage of contemporary subjectivites : radical postures and metapsychology of chaos





Our work will be built around a central hypothesis : The unheard echo found by the narrative and scopic plot proposed by ISIS, is explained by its adequacy with the pangs of contemporary subjectivities. It is thus a question of studying the conditions of this encounter which captures the subject, wandering in the troubled waters of the archaic with a death offer distilled by the deviation of a pseudo-Islam of cruelty that seems to bring the illusion of ‘answer. Because from the outset in the young subjects that we receive, the « transplant » fantasy takes, such a passionate meeting between an agonistic subject, and a miracle solution that comes to offer the possibility of getting out of a subjectivity made of inconsistency to abandon fright and emptiness in favor of a lenient filling. Their terrorism is not born of an ideological project but draws its force from a subjective disaster to which it gives shape. In this, the imagery of ISIS comes to actualize the collapse Real / Imaginary (imaginary grandiose but death) in these agonic subjects. The obscene is then exhibited, the impulse scopic unleashed. The pure archaic remains that will punctuate the life and the acts of a subject of discontinuity, in the name of the return of the cleave, a repetition identical to the mortifère. In this paper, we are going to do a clinical study of subjects willing become martyrs based on our experience of a clinical psychologist in detention. The framework of this mission is dedicated to treatement of subjects coming back from Syria, or who has wanted to go there, or else showing a sudden morbid bascule, towards death trajectories in the name of god. We will focuse on the psychic incounscious motivations of such process : addiction, prejudice and their dialectic with the Ideal to interrogate these forms of contemporary melancholia for subjects who can only reach feeling of existence in project of divine death. We will try to illustrate our 3ypothèses according to which the dossilution of an inconsistent Ego in an nihilist Ideal Ego is the key to an understanding of what we currently call radicalization, in its most extreme form, that of people aspiring to martyrdom, wandering in the morbid zone of the archaic, the “chahids”.

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