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Mystical-realism in the French-speaking African literature





What are the arguments that make it possible to say that we can speak of mystical realism as a narrative mode (the itinerary or the initiatory journey and its components: the symbolic quest, the trials or their equivalents and the metamorphosis, the so-called symbolic death, the adjutant or inhibiting forces) and not a simple cohabitation between mystical writing and realism, in other words, «a novelization » of the oral tradition and more precisely of the initiatory tale?Mystical writing is therefore not necessarily literature of mystery but also a set of techniques of narration, a way of telling, dramatic processes and devices strongly impregnated by the oral tradition and the initiatory tradition.Even if it is a certain form of writing that has its codes, its language, and which incorporates new turns. Mystical realism is not a fixed model of narration or a rigid mold. and its richness finds its echo in the richness of the novels that could be linked to this current: from the «Marxist mystical realism» in Sembène Ousmane, passing by «Satirical or cynical mystical realism» which emerges from the work of Ahamdou Kourouma, without forgetting the work of Tierno Monénembo and Emmanuel Dongala who have a different approach. These changes and variations are far from arbitrary and nuanced, which inform us about the vision of each of the political situation in Africa and the cultural project that each one carries.

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