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Development of the validation of experience gained (VAE) at university: what challenges, which beneficiaries?


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Lifelong education
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initially aimed at a little or no graduate audience, the EAV has evolved considerably since 2002. While this method of acquiring a diploma is still modest in French universities, its challenges are important for the development of lifelong learning. In this context, our article asks about EAV pathways at university. It seeks to ascertain whether these pathways have specific features compared with other EAV routes, in terms of admissibility, abandonment and validation. Econometric analyses, carried out on the basis of longitudinal administrative data of candidates for EAV in a major French university between 2009 and 2018, show that university EAV differs in several respects: the profile of the candidates, the stages in the selection or self-selection of candidates and the determinants of the selection board’s validation decisions, be it individual characteristics or the diploma concerned.

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