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Entrances to the city: genesis and development of an urban rite (Montpellier, span style = ‘font-variant: small-caps; ‘bxiv’ supbe’/supb- ‘span style =’ font-variant: small-caps; ‘bxv’supbe’/supb centuries)


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The Montenegrin urban chronic known as ‘Petit Thalamus’ retains the memory of some 30 general entrances in the broad sense, from the beginning of the 18th century to the early years of the 19th century. It gives an eye to a consular institution on a ceremony of which it is a stakeholder and makes it possible to distinguish, more than the general entrance to the city, the city hosting the prince. Apart from the fact that the detailed study of the narrative of these rituals highlights their possible flexibility and variation compared to a model established in 1367 when Pope Urbain V came, it highlights above all the perception by consuls of a ceremony that might be more burdensome for the prince than might have been thought of. The multiplication of the ceremony from the second half of the fourteenth century therefore seems to lead to a trivialisation, which goes hand in hand with a certain weakening of the rite, which only finds itself in exceptional circumstances, such as the entry of Emperor Sigismond from Luxembourg in 1415 or the entry of the dolphin in 1420. Considering entrances to the city, on the one hand, as a global phenomenon and thus without leaving aside the royal entrances, and on the other hand, from the point of view of urban authorities, thus also makes it possible to understand how such a ceremony has been used by magistrates to reassure their own power over the community.

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