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Essay for a psychopathology and a clinical study about some obesity cases





In the field of massive obesity the body is the hostage and the dictator, the subject beingsimultaneously the victim and the assailant. The stigmatizing look of the other implies anunspeakable psychic pain for those whose body is different from the one expected to be conform to the present norms. The obese subject in a singular corporal presentification is torn between the principle of pleasure which gives him an urge-driven satisfaction and the principle of reality which organizes the impassable guilt. This culpability is strengthened by a narcissistic infringement and increased the other's look. This guilt also implies the hate of the image and furthers the silence of affects. What does it mean to produce more of body which manifests as more weight? Which disjunction goes through the subjects, between their will and their capacities, between what they consciously know and what they unconsciously desire? The study of the ambivalent relationships between medicine/culture/norm/orality helps us to foresee hypotheses which are different from those of the eating disorders 'classic theories. Through a clinical work, one can consider the hypothesis of a psychic state between loss and melancholy. Starting from the practice of interviews the obese subjects has an to start a motion from the look to the speech in order to free him from his mixed up state between shame and rejection, and to give him back dignity.

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