La violencia de género como responsabilidad estatal: Aproximación al discurso sociopolítico, policial y judicial en Argentina
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Law 26485, on the full protection for the prevention, sanction and eradication of violence against women, amounted to the formal recognition of male violence as a matter of state in Argentina, but not the implementation of public policies to deal with this issue. In order to ascertain the State’s response to this type of violence, between February and June 2017, a series of semi-structured interviews were conducted with relevant actors in each of the systems involved in the sphere of prevention. These aimed to bring out the principles, operational and logical intervention dynamics for each one, through the use of discourse analysis. Our research regarding sociopolitical, judicial and police aspects has enabled us to learn how this is understood and implemented in a country where, according to official data, the number of cases has not ceased to grow and hence, through such work, to make a critical contribution to academic debate with respect to so-called secondary prevention of gender-based violence.

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