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Digital strategies for dissemination to decision makers, of the results of the researchers in the public health field



ID: <10670/1.z52m1j>


Increased attention is being given to evidence-based policy-making encouraging researchers and policy-makers to communicate effectively with each other. Digital media are meant to facilitate the exchanges between both parties, but their availability and usage have not yet been examined in depth. Through an interdisciplinary approach, this article aims to provide taxonomy of digital media used by researchers and policy-makers to share knowledge within the specific field of public health. Within the framework of digital health communication, we describe classical web, web 2.0 as well as six other digital media (hypertext, images, videos, audio, infographics, and games) available for health researchers and policy-makers. Then, we discuss the risks and opportunities of online science outreach for health policy-making. Finally, we provide theory- and practice-based recommendations for researchers to circulate health-related research to policy-makers on the Internet.

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