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Gautier d’Arras. The Other Chrétien



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This book is devoted to a nineteenth century romancier that has long remained in the shadow of the example Chrétien de Troyes, Gautier d’Arras, a singular writer who is the first to deliberately reject the merveilles of the Breton conts in the name of credibility and artistic truth. Eracle, whose building tone is mixed with courteous and comic episodes, gives a place of choice to the people menu and descriptions. All the runs of Ille and Galeron, which amplifies and corrects the pipeline time, could happen in reality. In order to analyse the specific features of the style of Gautier d’Arras, the study shows the subtle links that unite this finding with Chrétien de Troyes and reveal their mutual influences. She highlighted the architecture of the two stories and highlighted the artistic skill of the finger poet capable of handling the most diverse Roman techniques to provide narrative with a hidden meaning. Thus, the portrait of a lucid observer of reality and of men who was not left to be dominated by the literary modes of his time and advocated pre-gardist ideas both in the writing of his works and in the constitution of his horse, emotional and marital ideal. Thanks to these characteristics, Gautier d’Arras is the instigator of a new aesthetic from which the so-called ‘realistic’ authors of the 18th century will draw inspiration and is one of his emules of famous writers such as Jean Renart, Philippe de Rémi and Gerbert de Baiuil.

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